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Fly-Out No More Flies

Fly-Out No More Flies

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Product Description

  • Flies have been and continues to be a serious threat in caged poultry operations.
  • Accumlation of manure under laying hens is an ideal breeding medium for larvae.
  • Flies have a typical four stage life cycle; egg, larva (maggot), pupa, and adult.
  • Female flies normally mate only once, they congregate and lay their eggs in suitable breeding place on the manure.
  • Each female fly can produce upto 6 batches of 75-200 eggs at 3 to 4 days interval.
  • Larvae hatch from the eggs in 12-24 hours and complete their development in 4-7 days.
  • Then they from a reddish-brown hardened case called puparium, the pupal stage lasts 3-4 days and an adult fly emerges to complete the cycle.
  • Adult flies live an average of 2-4 weeks in summer and longer in cooler weather.
  • Adult flies are most active during the day at temperatures of 80-90°F and become inactive at night or at lower temperatures.

Complete fly Control can be achieved by

  • Manure Management: Dry Manure (50% Moisture or Less) Reduces the suitability for Fly oviposition and larval development.
  • Water Management: Leakage from nipples and foggers are commonly seen in most of the poultry farms, so it should be attended and fixed immediately. 
  • Sanitary Measures: Spilling of feed and broken eggs on the manure should be avoided because the attract adult flies and pest beetles. 

Advantages of FLYOUT Crystals
  • Crystals formulation specially designed to be consumed by files only.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Out-door residual efficacy upto 7-10 days unless the Crystals are completely consumed. specially formulated mixture of attractants designed to lure houseflies to death.
  • Contains bitter ingredients to prevent ingestion by non target animals, children and pets.
How to Apply
  • Slightly wet the Crystals with plain water.
  • Scatter them on the fly feeding areas.
  • Crystals may be kept in plates or trays and placed near fly infested areas.


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